Friday, January 9, 2015

Calabrese Salami Picante 12/6/14

11 lbs lean 3/8" grind
4 lbs fat 3/8" grind and hand cut

136g salt (2%)
17g cure #2 (.25 %)

39g dextrose
30g crushed red pepper flakes
11g white pepper cracked
15g fennel seed cracked
30g paprika
9g garlic powder

6g f-rm-52 in .75cup H20
1.5 cup chianti wine 

Stuffed into beef middles soaked in water/ vinegar, 85/15
Fermented 24 hours at 85'
Dried in cellar 4 weeks at 45-50'F and 60-70% R/H
41% weight loss

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